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You might find the name “DynoPower” a little odd for a company that sells high technology batteries! That’s because I used to design and build automotive Dynamometers (Dyno’s) until I had a little accident that left me paralysed from the chest down, and that put an end to that! That company no longer exists. Only the name. Now, I don’t actually work! I am just a hobby website designer/builder, and a free technical advisor (I happen to enjoy building web-pages, and know lots about batteries!) for this new company that is run by a family member. I needed something to do! Right now that’s out of the way!

I am in (have to use) an electric wheelchair on a permanent daily basis which made me much more aware of the problems that average people have with batteries! For example in my own case using them primarily in a powered wheelchair, a lack of range, and a complete new battery life of much less than one year (about 270 genuine deep cycles realistically) from the two very expensive heavy GEL batteries used as standard. Because of these problems in my electric power chair and others in various different vehicles and other odd projects, I started to research battery technology extensively.

I Discovered that there are HUGE differences inside all those different batteries that we all use and take for granted… Even almost identical ones from the same manufacturer can be very different electrically! They might look the same on the outside but that’s about as far as it goes – There is much more to “simple” batteries than meets the eye!

OPTIMA’S are hugely different internally altogether and they work much more reliably, and stay charged for longer, with slower ageing, slower self discharge rates, better performance in extremes of temperatures, better performance when partially discharged, faster charging, smaller package, non spill, greater ability to withstand abuse, such as long storage times, deep discharge, vibration, and much more!

John Williamson.

OPTIMA SpiralCell Technology has some real advantages over conventional batteries! A few of these are listed below, but for full details see the Technical pages.

  • 1.5 – 2 times longer life than traditional batteries
  • Optimal power for starting regardless of temperature
  • Extreme vibration resistance
  • Long Storage times without damage or discharge
  • Non spill able – even upside down!
  • Can be fitted and used in any position!
  • Maintenance free
  • More starting power in a smaller package than conventional batteries
  • Less deterioration due to deep discharge than conventional batteries
  • More “cycles” before aging than conventional batteries
  • Can be used in extreme temperatures/buried for weather monitoring or surveillance purposes
  • Faster charging is possible compared with conventional batteries!

Spiral Cell Technology was developed originally as a
   power source for the US Apollo missions “moon buggy”.

Three, “Colour Coded” battery types…

DynoPower only supply three basic products!
Which Type of OPTIMA battery do I need?

RedTop, YellowTop, or BlueTop?

These are available in several sizes and capacities in each of these “colour coded” battery types shown below.

RedTop OPTIMA batteries are designed for short term high current applications such as starting engines, like those ones shown above or your car in the middle of winter! They do not like to be “deep cycled” (like ALL automotive starter batteries!) Although this Red Top battery with its SpiralCell Lead Plate Technology, will suffer much less from the occasional deep discharge (such as leaving your lights on) than a “standard” flat plate style battery would do. Because of the fact that SpiralCell technology can store more energy for a given sized battery these types of battery are ideal for use in motor sport because a much larger “conventional” battery would need to be used in place of an OPTIMA to give the same starting current capability.

YellowTop OPTIMA batteries are designed as DEEP-CYCLE Yellow for DUAL USE – DEEP CYCLE and Starting too! batteries. These have lots of uses! Everything from Golf carts, wheelchairs, alarm systems, emergency lighting, backup power systems, orbiting satellite communication systems, emergency vehicles etc can use these batteries. Anything that uses batteries in a cyclic manor, (like my wheelchair!) benefits greatly from these batteries. Unusually for DEEP-CYCLE batteries, they are happy to produce large currents and so can also double as starter batteries. This allows the use of a single (deep-cycle) battery in a boat/car/generator/race vehicle, or one with TV/Powerful stereo systems etc or lots of ancillary equipment that runs when the engine is stopped. This kind of treatment would mean very short battery life in the case of a “conventional” style battery.

BlueTop OPTIMA batteries are basically the same as the YellowTop deep-cycle ones, or the RedTop Starter ones but with an additional two stainless steel connection terminals as preferred by some boat builders designers and users. Also some external dimensions are very slightly different. Both the blue top and the yellow top batteries are electrically identical, and both are full deep cycle batteries with the additional capability of being able to also perform as a starter battery, although not quite as capable as the Red Top ones in this respect.

The requirements (above) were for a compact battery that could deliver considerably more power than a conventional battery whilst functioning in extreme conditions of stress. The result is the unique SpiralCell® technology that OPTIMA batteries are based on. The technology has been around for 30 years and has continued to grow as OPTIMA sets new standards for function and performance in the battery market.

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