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OPTIMA BlueTop   (Marine/RV use batteries)

These OPTIMA BlueTop  Marine and Recreational Vehicle batteries may be deep cycle, or starter batteries. They are basically the same as the YellowTop Deep-Cycle ones, orRedTop Starter batteries, depending on your choice and specifications, but with an additional two stainless steel threaded connection terminals.

OPTIMA SpiralCell Technology has some real advantages over conventional batteries! A few of these

are listed below, but for full details see the Technical pages.

  • 1.5 – 2 times longer life than traditional batteries
  • Optimal power for starting regardless of temperature
  • Extreme vibration resistance
  • Long Storage times without damage or discharge
  • Non spill able – even upside down!
  • Can be fitted and used in any position!
  • Maintenance free
  • More starting power in a smaller package than conventional batteries
  • Less deterioration due to deep discharge than conventional batteries
  • More “cycles” before aging than conventional batteries
  • Can be used in extreme temperatures/buried for weather monitoring or surveillance purposes
  • Faster charging is possible compared with conventional batteries!

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BlueTop SLI-4,2L Marine Starter Battery
£208.00 Total – includes delivery 
(Not northern Scotland)

BlueTop SLI-4,2L is the ideal starter battery for those that have a divided battery system and need maximum starting power in tough conditions. The battery has additional threaded stainless steel terminals for safe power at sea. This is a very high torque engine starting battery. Not recommended for “cyclic use” such as lights and radio, music systems or fridges etc. while the engine is stopped.

Technical specifications

Length: 254 mm
Width: 173 mm
Height: 198 mm
Minimum weight (kg): 17,4 kg
Nominal Voltage: 12 V
Cranking Amps (SAE): 980 CA
Cold Cranking Amps (SAE): 800 CCA
Cold Cranking Amps (EN): 815 CCA
Reserve Capacity: 104 minutes
Capacity (C/20 rate): 50 Ah
Internal Resistance: 3,0 mOhm

BlueTop DC-4,2L Marine Deep Cycle & Starter£253.00 Total – includes delivery (Not northern Scotland)

OPTIMA BlueTop DC-4,2L is a a “Dual Power” battery where the advantages of the start battery are combined with the deep cycle battery.
The Blue Top Dual Power battery is ideal for anyone who needs maximum starting power as well as the energy to run onboard accessories. It is the perfect battery for Bow-thrusters since it can be installed in the peak due to its high vibration resistance and non-spillable features. This is a Starting battery, as well as a deep cycle battery. It can be deep cycled while using on board equipment such as radios, fridges, etc.

Technical specifications

BlueTop DC-4,2L
Length: 254 mm
Width: 173 mm
Height: 198 mm
Minimum weight (kg): 19,9 kg
Nominal Voltage: 12 V
Cranking Amps (SAE): 870 CA
Cold Cranking Amps (SAE): 800 CCA
Cold Cranking Amps (EN): 815 CCA
Reserve Capacity: 120 minutes
Capacity (C/20 rate): 55 Ah
Internal Resistance: 2,8 mOhm

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BlueTop D 5.5L-M Marine Deep Cycle & Starting Battery

£299.00 Total – includes delivery (Not northern Scotland)

This is a Dual-Use deep cycle, and starting battery with very large power reserves. Has additional Stainless steel threaded terminals, as well as the normal ones. Optima Blue Top D 5.5 L is the first larger spiral wound lead/acid battery on the market to combine deep cycling with high cranking amperage.
It is suitable for bigger engines, sea going boats with lots of additional electrical equipment, as well as recreational vehicles and many industrial uses. It is electrically identical to the Yellow Top battery of the same size. The .pdf below shows this Yellow top battery. The only difference is the extra two stainless steel threaded terminals on the top.

Technical specifications

Length: 324 mm
Width: 165 mm
Height: 238 mm
Minimum weight (kg): 27.14
Nominal Voltage: 12 V
Cranking Amps (SAE): 1125
Cold Cranking Amps (SAE): 900
Cold Cranking Amps (EN): 975
Reserve Capacity: 155 min
Capacity (C/20 rate): 75 Ah
Internal Resistance: 2.5 mOhm

Brochure in .pdf-formCURRENTLY NOT TRADING


2 years on Starter batteries.
1 Year on all deep cycle batteries

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