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What a few real OPTIMA users have to say!!!

OPTIMA’S are used as OEM fitments by many manufacturers too:Optima Batteries are Different
“I am pleased to confirm that subject to you continuing to meet our standards for quality and competitiveness, Optima batteries will be fitted as original equipment to our Virage Volante and Virage Vantage vehicles.”
Martin Rhys-James, Purchasing Agent,
Aston Martin

About Optima batteries for uncategorised uses

“In 1990, I bought a 1983 Ford XLT pickup. On advice of a friend, owning big equipment, I purchased an Optima battery. Now, 7 years later, I am still running on that battery. Just thought the right people should know, since it’s not everyday a product lives up to its claim.”
P. Parsons

“It is my pleasure to report to you that Optima batteries were chosen because, they are deep cycle and can be used while tipped or on an angle. Because we use the batteries on our pilot projects, reliability is very important and the Optima batteries have not failed to perform for us when we needed them. The Optima batteries are the best we have found and are our battery of choice.”
Dr. Sonne Ward
Nova Plasma Technologies, Inc

“One of the reasons that we chose the Optima was that we had heard good reports from another amateur radio group who was using your batteries much the same as we have used them. The batteries have been in use in our mountain top sites for our amateur radio installation. We have not experienced any power failures and we feel confident that they are operating well. We would of course recommend the Optima to other people.”
William Sheffield
Chairman, State Amateur Radio Emergency Services

“The Monster Fire Truck is powered by compressed natural gas and we feel that the nature of the Optima vs. the traditional battery is much safer due to the elimination of corrosive hazards with the intricate components on this vehicle.”
D.A. Moss, Jr.
Assistant Fire Marshal, City of Virginia BeachOptima Batteries Warranty

About Optima batteries for Car Audio:
“I am writing to tell you how impressed I am with the Optima 800. I have been a car audio installer for over 15 years, and in my opinion these are the best batteries on the market for car audio applications.”
Tom Fasbinder, Owner

“When I decided to upgrade the battery in my 1993 Honda Civic I wanted something that would not only help the performance of my competition system by my car also. I found all the performance that I wanted from the 800U model….I would recommend Optima batteries to anyone who would like to gain more performance from the factory charging system.”
Rob Hephner
Mobile Electronics Trainer

“Optima is my only choice because they exceed the life span of other batteries I’ve used in the past. They’re flexible with the dual post configurations, so I can expand my car audio systems easily. And, I like that they contain no acid and can be mounted any which way I please. Optima is also a personal choice. I use them in my own speed boat, which has a high-output alternator and stereo system, because they’re excellent in high-vibration situations.”
Mike Schomisch
MTX Show Vehicle Operations

“Normal lead/acid batteries delivery quick energy, but will only tolerate this charging cycle a few times before becoming doorstops. Regular deep cycle batteries can stand the charging cycle, but don’t deliver current quickly enough for high SPL performance. The Optima batteries are the only batteries that we’ve found to last under daily abuse, while still maintaining like new performance.”
Bob Norvelle
PPI Technical Services

“We have been really happy with the Optima batteries in the Caprice Wagons for the last three years. Recently one of the wagons came back here for service because a two guage cable got shorted to ground. There was no way to get to the problem area and the batteries were drawn completely dead. Expecting to have to replace these batteries, we started doing the repairs and some testing. To the amazement of each the batteries tested like a new battery.”
Dan Jobin
Technical Services Manager, Stillwater

“I just purchased your 800CCA battery last week and it has made a huge difference in my sound system. I found that the voltage did not fluctuate as severely when playing very dynamic music. I also noticed that my headlights do not dim at all when the bass hits hard. But the most important difference was in the improvement in sound quality. I should have bought this battery as soon as I put my system in.”
Nick Tanner
ConsumerOptima Batteries Warranty

About Optima batteries for Commercial/Industrial:
“In early 1992, we installed Optima 800 batteries in two of our Thermo King Units. Shortly after we installed one of the batteries the unit was in a fire that caused extensive damage to the unit. The fire was in the same area as the battery so you can imagine my surprise when we hooked up the battery cables after repairs were made and unit started right up. Both batteries are still going strong.”
Roy Slupe
Shop Foreman, Daggett Truck Line, Inc.

“As part of our ongoing product development we are proud to announce the addition of the Optima battery. Previously 24V lead acid batteries were installed on the challenger 1500 units. These conventional styled batteries were failing prematurely (within 2-6 months). We installed our first Optima 800’s in May of 1992 and the majority are still in service. …Due to the great success Destiny has had with the Optima 800, it is our intention to make it our principle battery in the majority of our units.”
Morris Szachta
Technical Manager, Destiny Resource, Ltd.

“After a longer winter lay-up I found that the 2 8D batteries in my dump truck wouldn’t turnover the 3208 Cat diesel, even after an overnight recharge. Needing the truck in a hurry and having only one Optima in stock, I installed it. I’m still impressed with how well one Optima starts that Cat engine even down to 10 degrees without preheat. Do I recommend Optimas? I’m now a very enthusiastic dealer.”

Oscar Bailey

About Optima batteries for Electric Vehicles
“In three years of driving, four thousand miles on 13 Optima batteries, climbing mountains, my batteries have lost only half a volt each. They have performed at thirty degrees below zero in a Cobin Motors SPARROW, so cold that the brakes literally froze…. but the energy stored didn’t.

Two of the Optimas will need replacement after terrible abuse (unintended). Your engineers might be interested in the latest readings, which I have sent back to Corbin Motors. I may replace the entire pack, but recycle them into cars in my Museum, some 1974 Elcars, a 1923 Milburn and my 26 year old record holding electric motorcycle.”
Charles E. Mac Arthur, Curator-to-be
Wilkinson Museum
Sangerville, Maine

“I selected Optima Batteries because of their excellent power to weight ratio. Since the rules require the vehicle to stay under its Gross Vehicle Weights, the battery which provides the greatest amount of energy per pound will sustain the highest speed for the longest time. I have conducted drain tests on many brands of batteries to measure the reserve capacity at different amp draws. The results clearly showed that Optima could deliver more amps while maintaining a high voltage output. Since the Optima batteries are without a doubt a superb racing battery, I strongly recommend them for any other application.”
Dave Cloud
Cloud Electric Racing

About Optima batteries for Fleet Vehicle useOptima Starter Batteries
“These have been used in the City’s Ambulance, Firetruck and are currently in most of our equipment. We are so pleased with the performance of the batteries that several employees have purchased Optima’s for their own personal vehicles. We would highly recommend these batteries to anyone for commercial or private use.”
Jim Aiazzi
City of Carlin, Nevada

“We use these batteries in all our service/maintenance vehicles, as well as in our backhoes, cableplows, and cable television power supplies. We are very pleased with the service from the Optima battery. I highly recommend the Optima battery for all fleet units, personal vehicles and standby applications.”
Dan Timmons
Home Telephone Company, Inc

“I believe these batteries have evolved into a very good cold weather battery as our vehicles crank over well in temperature extremes down to -50°F. Also, no problems have occurred from summer heat. Since 1987, 50 of the original 65 are still in service.”
Bob Baker
Vehicle Shop Foreman, Winter Park Resort, Colorado

“We installed our first 800U approximately 18 months ago and as to this date it has surpassed our expectations in all areas. From a maintenance point of view, the 800U has all but eliminated the necessity of jump-starting the lifts and the cleanliness of the battery might well be its greatest virtue.”
Ralph Clendenen
Maintenance Mechanic, Chevron Pexco/Spirolite

About Optima batteries for Four Wheel Drive
“I have been extremely impressed with the Optima batteries installed in my Defender 90. I am proud to continue handing out Optima literature and singing your praises! Optima batteries are THE BEST!”
Bill Burke
4 Wheeling America

“We have been very pleased with our Optima 800 batteries. We are developing some very specialized high-end 4×4 off-road vehicles, comprise of US Military M1009 and M1010 trucks. By replacing the stock military batteries with Optima 800’s, we were able to improve the electrical system of these trucks even further to build a near bullet proof starting and charging system. I would recommend Optima to anyone.”
American Off-Road Products

“These are the batteries that we used on the Warn Glacier Expedition in Iceland. They performed beautifully and seemed completely unaffected by the cold. They worked for hours at a time as we winched the Jeep up and down Hvannadalshnjukur mountain and across Vatnajokull glacier. We also encountered very steep grades, but experienced no leakage with these starved electrolyte batteries.”
Barbara O’Donnell
Peak Communications

“The Optima batteries have been quick-to-hit the juice in all circumstances. They crank our big fuel injected Chevy 350 without a miss. The “no maintenance” aspect and the durability of the Optima batteries has made a believer out of us.”
Larry Conville
Marketing & Promotions, Superlift

“Putting an off-road vehicle through it’s paces is awfully hard on batteries. Many is the time that I’ve seen normal batteries vibrated to the point that all of the electrlyte had been completely shaken out of the batteries. Result…very dead battery! With the Optima’s Spiralcell Technology these are problems of the past!”
John Hale
Manager, Truck Magic

“Your batteries are far and away the best on the market. We chose Optima because we trusted your product and haven’t been disappointed. In good conscience, the only battery I could possibly recommend is the Optima to everyone, plain and simply THEY ARE THE BEST!”
Frank Schettini
Big Dummy Monster Trucks

About Optima batteries for Marine/BoatingOptima Marine Batteries
“I operate an SST-45 Tunnel Racing Boat. Last week a large wave upset the boat while racing, and I ended upside down in the water. The boat and your battery were submerged at least an hour to an hour and a half. Once we drained and dried out the motor and switches, we attempted to restart the motor. It started right away. I will never again use another battery other than yours in any motor driver item I own again!”
Georgia Armstrong
Armstrong Racing

“On the water the hydroplane travels the air stream, at speeds in the excess of 220 miles per hour. Constant pounding at this velocity makes liquid feel like concrete. The other batteries I tried could not withstand this abuse, they usually broke up, leaked, fused together, or become dead. I have even had some explode! Optima not only gives the power needed, but sets my mind at ease. These batteries have run 12 times, longer, withstood the rough treatment, and have started every time.”
John Irvine
Can Am Express

“During the past two years I have been using Optima Batteries for my race boat. I have found these batteries to be extremely dependable. Due to the fact that these batteries are totally sealed, I don’t have to worry about the leakage of battery acid. Also, other batteries have the tendency to break apart due to the vibration in the boat, but because of Optima batteries’ construction this problem is eliminated.”
Rick Bowling
Gone Again Offshore Racing

“In our sport we run in all water conditions, which means 80-90 mph in 8ft. seas at times! This converts to incredible G loads and continuous pounding that only the best of equipment can handle without breaking. Optima batteries performed flawlessly and helped us established our fine record of performance and reliability.”
Mark Nemschoff
Mark Nemschoff Sports Ltd.

About Optima batteries for Racing
“During the 1996 season, I had a most unfortunate experience of flipping my 1992 late model stock car upside down on the race track. Once the car was back in the pit area I began to observe all the damage done. To my surprise as I turned the key the engine roared! The Optima Battery has an extremely high level of endurance!”
Rick Barnes
Barnes Racing

“Since we have switched to Optima Spiralcell batteries our pit crews have been able to run the whole event without having to charge the batteries, allowing them to attend to other pressing matters. The drivers report faster starts, quicker rear steering response time, and no ignition failures on the turning courses. Another feature is the toughness. We have Optima batteries in eight of our trucks (two per truck) and we have had no failures or change-outs due to breakage! Optima batteries truly are “Tough Enough for BIGFOOT!”
James Kramer
President, BigFoot 4 x 4

More info on BigFoot!
“Monster trucks take quite a pounding during competitions, and so do the batteries inside them. Optima batteries stood up under the extreme forces exerted upon them and they were a key factor in our ability to win. The fact that they charge up so quickly using a standard 12-volt battery charger also proved to be a tremendous benefit to us at the races. Thanks again for such an excellent product!”
Tim Hal
Hall Brothers Racing, Inc.

“During practice I had an axle shaft break causing me to spin and hit the wall at over 130 mph. The accident destroyed the rear of the car including the rear end. My Optima battery was thrown from the car. We missed qualifying but by working for 36 hours straight we were able to make the race. Our replacement read end did not have provisions for an alternator and our Optima battery took terrible abuse during the crash. We charged it and it not only worked all the complex systems on our cars for the Watkins Glen race, but lasted the remainder of the season giving us our best result at Reno. Despite its disfigurement from my crash it is still acceptable for next season. I might add that my battery was two years old.”
Thanks Optima
Ray Genick, #72 Trans Am Series

“We chose Optima because of it’s versatility. I can install Optima Batteries any which way and still have full function without leaking acid. The Optima Batteries have performed excellent! We at Guy Racing would highly recommend Optima Batteries to anybody, racer or nonracer!”
Guy Wood
Guy Wood Racing

About Optima batteries for Street Rod

“The way the batteries are constructed is a plus for me. These batteries take a lot of abuse, and there is always a chance of turning the truck upside down! Ordinary batteries would leak acid and that would be an added problem on top of an already bad situation. I would recommend and have been recommending Optima to anyone for everyday use. I feel the Optima would be excellent for any application.”
Larry Meyerhoeffer
Thunder Dog Racing